The Kenai Peninsula Borough's Purchasing and Contracting Division provides support and service to the various entities of the Borough. The department's objectives are to obtain materials, equipment, and/or services in a timely, cost effective manner, and at the best value to the Borough. We provide all departments and service areas of the Borough with clear guidance as it pertains to purchasing policies and procedures, and ensure that appropriations are used wisely and in the best interest of the Borough while preserving the integrity and fairness of the competitive process.

The Purchasing group is also responsible for disposal of all surplus property and equipment. The department supports the purchase of supplies and materials necessary for the maintenance of all Borough maintained facilities, as well as the material management of over 5,000 warehoused items.

It is the policy of the Purchasing and Contracting Division to encourage the participation of qualified vendors in the bidding process, emphasizing opportunities for all businesses. Preference may be given to local bidders when not prohibited by the funding source. A local business is defined as: any business or company having physical presence within the Borough, registered within the Borough to collect sales tax, and locally provides the products and/or services being sought.

If you are interested in being placed on a list of vendors providing goods or services to the Kenai Peninsula Borough, please fill out and submit the Vendor Application Form. Completing this form does not guarantee issuance of a bid or proposal by the Borough. If you would like to look at current bids or proposals being offered by the Borough, please click on the Contracting Opportunities link.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Kenai Peninsula Borough.